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Jon Star is an absolute honest, trustworthy and professional mortgage broker. He took great pride in servicing, supporting and guiding us as his clients.

From the beginning of our process, November 2018, Jon have diligently worked on obtaining a mortgage loan for my family to obtain our first home in New York City. He attentively listened to our needs and carefully match the correct mortgage bank to accomplish the purchase of our dream home.

Jon Star meticulously monitored each and every transaction, email and document submitted to be reviewed. He gave 100% of his time for accuracy.

He is responsive, personable, caring and an understanding individual. It is amazing that his thoughtfulness and integrity made you feel like family.

I can personally attest that Jon Star is above and beyond the best mortgage broker you can attain to get your mortgage loan or refinance.

Jon, THANK YOU for your export guidance, knowledge, compassion, comprehensive explanation and of course getting us our dream home. I can only select 5 stars but Jon Star is definitely a 10 Star Mortgage broker.

I highly recommend Starr Mortgage Company, Inc. to anyone in need of a mortgage, HELOC or refinance.