Jonathan Starr

Jonathan Starr, Esq. began his journey into the mortgage industry in 2001, shortly after graduating from Brooklyn Law School. Although he is admitted to practice law in the states of New York and New Jersey, his passion has always been for real estate, mortgages, and helping people manage their finances. He has expertise in finance, real estate, divorce law, and the changing economy as it relates to real estate and mortgages and is the author of the insightful and well- regarded article on current economic conditions entitled, “A Bridge Over Bubbled Waters”.

Starr Mortgage Company, Inc. (NMLS# 17787) was started in 2004 and has quickly built a strong reputation based on customer service and making your home financing experience as simple and “painless” as possible. We are a full-service mortgage company offering expertise in every area of mortgage lending, from purchase to refinance and from residential to commercial.

We have access to multiple wholesale mortgage products and are dedicated to finding you the best loan at the lowest interest rate.

Jonathan has handled hundreds, if not thousands of mortgages since he started in the mortgage industry back in 2001. He gained significant financial services expertise while working for a major national bank and now handles each and every loan that passes through Starr Mortgage Company, Inc. from application all the way through closing.

“Not every mortgage broker is created equal”.

Jonathan has the knowledge and experience to accomplish two things for his clients which are the cornerstones for a successful mortgage broker.

  1. He can teach/explain the relevant concepts and mortgage options so that his client can be well informed about the different options available, and
  2. He can use his experience to assist his client in making such decisions.
Starr Mortgage has its main offices in New York but is licenseed in New York, New Jersey and Florida.