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Financing For Co-ops

Financing Co-ops


Financing Co-Ops | A Different Kind of Loan that Starr Mortgage CAN Finance

The main office in New York – Loan Programs are available in New York, New Jersey, and Florida

Starr Mortgage Company has to finance for Co-Op properties

Co-Ops are different from other properties in that they are formed by a group of residents who “pool” their financing to buy a building in its entirety, and each owner actually owns “shares” in the property. This type of real estate structure is unusual, and therefore large banks tend to shy away from lending in them.

Starr Mortgage Company has solid relationships with lenders who will finance Co-Ops and we are highly qualified structuring, processing, and closing these loans. New York has thousands of Co-Ops and Starr Mortgage has arranged loans in many of them.

To Contact Us:

If you are looking to purchase a Co-Op property, please call us at 845-348-3172. We will be happy to discuss your particular situation and give you answers to all your questions.

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