The Florida Housing Market Is Finally Balancing Out

Housing Market

Starr Mortgage says the market is leveling out. With interest rates inching higher, the balance has been restored to the housing market. According to, homes in Florida stayed on the market for a median of 24 days before being sold. This change is bringing relief to those in the market to purchase real estate […]

What You Should Know About Interest-Only Loans

Interest-Only Loans

Purchasing real estate can be complex, especially if it’s your first time. There are so many details to figure out, and everyone has opinions on what you should do! Undoubtedly, figuring out your mortgage is the most important—and most complex—part of purchasing a home. But that’s what we’re all about at Starr Mortgage Company—helping you […]

Things to Consider Before Taking a Home Loan

Home Loan

Even if you are an experienced home buyer, you may find it difficult to understand and compare home loans. For a first time buyer, this can be even more challenging. Don’t let that be a reason for panic. We have put together a short guide that explains home loans in detail. Using these points, you’ll […]