Starr Mortgage

I worked with Jonathan on my third mortgage. For both of the first two I worked directly with a bank but when interest rates started going up I wanted to be able to secure the lowest possible rate and decided to look into working with a mortgage broker. I called several mortgage brokers and chose Jonathan because he gave me the clearest information and seemed the most knowledgeable about my particular situation and the mortgage process. The rate Jonathan was able to get was significantly lower than any of the banks I received quotes from. Getting a low interest rate is only the first part of the mortgage process. Then comes all the paperwork, back and forth with underwriters etc. Working with Jonathan streamlined the process. He checked to make sure all the documents my partner and I submitted were in the correct format and would be accepted by the underwriter. He was available anytime we had questions (which was often) or needed clarification on the process. We needed a fairly quick closing to keep the low interest rate Jonathan was able to find and he worked with the bank, our lawyer and all the other parties to ensure could close on time. Initially I was a bit leery about working with a broker but now I’m a convert. Working with Jonathan was a great experience and I highly recommend using his services.