My wife and I wanted to buy a co-op in NYC and rather than dealing with the hassle of getting a mortgage on the co-op, we wanted to do a cash-out refi on our primary home in Westchester. After digging around on my own trying to find the I.O. mortgage that I wanted with no success, I contacted Jonathan Starr. Jon really knows the market of potential mortgagors and in a short time, he guided us through applying for and getting a commitment and rate-lock from a financial institution I never would have found on my own. Just as important, after getting our initial commitment, Jon helped us to increase our mortgage size without a change to our rate just as mortgage rates were spiking. Commitment to closing was easy as Jon made sure there were no hiccups. Jon is a straight-shooter who was really helpful throughout the entire process and he will give you a good read up-front on what he can accomplish for you!